Our Library

A library is a important part of a school. It is a source of knowledge to the young minds. It develops the habit of reading among the students. Our School library subscribes to magazines,periodicals and newspapers. These may be a source encouragement for the students to read the newspapers and periodicals. In our library we keeps books on various subjects.The books on literature,science and history may be a pleasure ground for the voracious young readers.The students come in touch with the books by famous authors. The reference books may help them to learn more on various subjects. As the books are expensive nowadays,the poor students may get help from a school library.

Books and Magazines Coming in Library

1 Pratiyogita Darpan Monthly
2 Competition Success Review (C.S.R.) Monthly
3 Jounior Science Refresher (J.S.R.) Monthly
4 India Today Weekly
5 Employment News Weekly